Secure banking | Stay safe from cyber hackers

Secure banking, Stay safe from cyber hackers

Safe banking

There were very few cases of online scams, online bank account hacking, etc. 10 years ago, but as technology progressed hackers found a new way to rob people. We are talking about some online banking scams here and how you can be safe while banking online. 

Never share your banking details with anyone. 

It is advised that if you ask any information about your bank account or OTP (One Time Password), report it to an unknown seller or police station. If they call themselves bank agents then do not believe it as banks never ask for any information related to your banking. They are only cheating, so complain as soon as possible. 

Use strong passwords and special characters.

You should always use a strong password. A strong password helps give extra security to your account. To create a strong password you should always use special characters like '* and ^' in your password. Using a special character with a combination of capital-lowercase letters and numeric digits helps you create a strong password. 

Online scams and lotteries 

Never trust any online lottery system as it is one of the scams used by cyber hackers. If you want to participate in the lottery, you must ensure that the lottery is authorized from government sources. Stay away from stuff that says they can help you earn millions in one night. Only your hard work can help you earn more, otherwise, there are no shortcuts in life.

Beware of Phishing Websites 

Phishing is the way in which hackers steal your important information and passwords. In phishing, a hacker creates a duplicate page, similar to your banking website, and then they send you the link via SMS, email, or in some other way and if you click the link and fill in the information there, your information Hacker is sent. This can be prevented by clicking on unknown links from anywhere. Always ensure that the web address is starting for 'https'. All you need is a little awareness to deal with hackers. 

Online Banking from PC or Windows

It is recommended to use good external antivirus for added security. Window Defender is not good for online security. A good antivirus can give you an extra edge during internet surfing.
Clear browsing data after transaction or banking work. This will help you clear cookies and cache. Cookies and cache contain information about the site. It is therefore recommended to clean cookies and cache.

Avoid using public wifi
You should not use public wifi while doing some online transactions. I suggest that you avoid using public WiFi altogether. This is because when you are connected to public WiFi you are connected to a large number of people accessing the same network. This enables hackers to steal your cookie and as you know cookies contain personal information. In this way, they can steal your Facebook account or any account without knowing the password.

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