Why is Stupidity a problem for India?


Why is Stupidity a problem for India?

While on one hand the government, doctors, and all concerned authorities are trying their best to fight the coronavirus, but on the other hand, some people are trying to ruin their efforts. It is a difficult time for India and all Indians are requested to follow the advice given by the government. Stay indoors, avoid venturing out, if in an emergency you should stay at least meters away from other people. Our present act will decide what our future will be like.

Kanika Kapoor risked not only her life but more than 500 people. He hid his travel history after he returned from his overseas tour. She went to attend parties with Vasundhara Raje, Anandpal Singh, and more than 300 people. The coronavirus virus has been conducted for all people and all tests are currently reported to be negative. His act is the best example of carelessness and stupidity.

Credits: ANI

A large number of people survived the screening process at Amroha railway station. They are endangering the lives of all citizens. Imagine if someone was Corona positive, he first did the trip wrong and then ran away for fear of being caught and quarantined. One person infected with a coronavirus can infect an entire community. Bihar has been closed due to coronavirus, but people are not interested in following it. No impact of the bandh was seen in Bihar capital Patna today. Normal view, crowded buses, crowded roads, and people in Patna. Also, across the country, many people rushed to buy important things in bulk, which led to the gathering of people.

Normal scenes like Patna were also in Delhi. Big traffic jams, noise everywhere, congested roads, etc. To avoid a situation like Italy, Indians have to follow social distance. Do not blindly follow any information on WhatsApp. Check whether the information is from an actual source.

There is currently no proper treatment for coronavirus. The number of cases in China is decreasing due to social disturbances. We should do the same. This is the best time to get to know our own people.

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