What message does Lord Rama and Ramayana convey?

What message does life of Lord Rama and Ramayana convey

Ram or Rama is not just a name but it is an emotion for crores of Hindus. Rama is the best example of a perfect human. Lord Rama is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu incarnates on earth many times so that he can destroy the wicked(evil).

Ramayana was written by Valmiki. Ramayana is based on the life of Lord Shri Ram. Everything based on the life of Lord Rama is described in the Ramayana.


Today how many of us have people who still obey our parents? In this age, we are forgetting to take care of our parents. But when Dasaratha (father of Ram) asked him to go to exile for 14 years, Ram did not ask any reason for this. Would you expect this to be possible in today's time? In the present time, People are ready to shed blood even of their own family members for money.


What message does life of Lord Rama and Ramayana convey

Friendship is not done by seeing religion, caste or color, this message is clearly well explained in Ramayana. Rama and Nishadraj Guha were very good friends. Nishadraj Guha helped Rama, Sita, and Lakshman to cross river Ganga. Lord Rama came from the mighty Suryavanshi family and Guha was the king of Nishadas. But Lord Rama did not think about which background was Guha from before making him a friend but rather he promised Nishadraj Guha that whenever he comes back to Ayodhya he will meet him first.

Love- The best message of Ramayana

Between the Brothers

Lord Rama respected everyone. That's why he is also called Maryada Purushottam. When Bharat was given the opportunity to be the king of Ayodhya, he rejected this offer and said only Lord Ram will be the king of Ayodhya. This was pure love bonding between the two brothers. Bharat then went to find Rama to bring him back to Ayodhya. Rama did not agree to go back to Ayodhya. Rama said to Bharat that it is his duty to fulfill his father's promise. Also, we can't forget the sacrifices Laxman made for Rama.

Father and Son

What message does life of Lord Rama and Ramayana convey

King Dasharatha loved Rama more than anyone. But placing stones on his heart, he told Rama to go to exile. It was very heartbreaking for King Dasharatha to send his most loved soon to 14 years exile.Ram did not even ask him a question for this and went to exile. Dasharatha was in deep pain and heartbreak and eventually, he died.

Mother and Son

What message does life of Lord Rama and Ramayana convey

Rama was loved equally by his 3 mothers until Manthara provoked Kaikai and it resulted in Rama's exile. Bharat was angry on her mother Kaikai but Rama was not angry on her. This shows the character of Rama. When Rama returned Ayodhya after finishing exile, he first met Kaikai and asked her whether she cooked his favorite food or not. Do you forgive any person who treat you badly? That's why Rama is Maryada Purushottam.

Husband and wife

What message does life of Lord Rama and Ramayana convey

When Ravana kidnapped Sita and took her to Lanka with him, Rama searched her everywhere. Ram was from Suryavanshi family and if he wanted then he could have married anyone but instead, he went to search Maa Sita. Ravana was the winner of all the three worlds, but still, Sita rejected him and kept waiting for Ram under the shed of Ashok Vatika. Ram-Sita teaches us how a real love relationship should be in today's time.

When Lord Rama met Shabari

What message does life of Lord Rama and Ramayana convey

Shabri was an old woman who was waiting for Lord Rama. She was a huge devotee of Lord Rama. Shabri was in tears of joy when she saw Lord Ram. She presented them with 'tasted berries' which Ram and Laxman ate without any complaint. This was the case of pure love between a devotee and Lord. 

Control on Power

What message does life of Lord Rama and Ramayana convey

When Ram got the information that Sita was in Lanka and they have to cross the sea. Rama had the power to dry the whole sea but he decided to pray to the sea. The ancestors of Rama were responsible for the origin of the sea. Rama asked sea god to give a path so they can reach Lanka. He prayed for 3 days continuously.

Raghukul tradition- Pran Jaye Par Vachan na Jaye

What message does life of Lord Rama and Ramayana convey

This has been a tradition of Raghukul that they were willing to lay down their life for their promise. An account of the promise King Dasaratha had to send his beloved son Ram to exile. To fulfill his father's promise, Lord Rama went to exile for 14 years. To fulfill the duty of the king, he had to renounce his pregnant wife. Also, for his promise Ram had to renounce Laxman and Laxman ended his life into the Saryu river. 

Duty of King is above all family relations

What message does life of Lord Rama and Ramayana convey

Ram had to send Sita to exile despite not wanting because people were doubting Sita's character. People are the first family for a king and for this reason Rama had no option left.
Rama did not send Sita to exile for his happiness because if he was happy in this, he would not have gone to Lanka to save Sita.

Recently Supreme Court Of India announced a judgment in Ram Temple Case. Congratulation to all the devotees of Lord Rama including me. In today's time, we are somehow forgetting the value of our culture and religion. No one can be Rama ever but we can apply some value of Lord Rama.

I am sorry if I am mistakenly have done some errors. I am working on myself. Need your support, so share it with the devotee of Lord Rama. May God Bless You.

Jai Shri Ram